Editing Your Webpage On This Site

Editing Your Page

Go to your Google Sites App
There are three easy ways to open your Google Sites App:

1) Click the Sites icon from your Google Apps menu located within other Google Apps, like Gmail or Google Drive.

2) Click the Sites icon from the bottom of any page of the school's website.

3)  Type "sites.google.com" into Chrome's address bar.

Once you have opened your Sites App, you will see a list of all of the Google Sites that you have created or have access to.  The first one in your list is probably "Bedford Community School District", which is our school's website. Click it to open the editable version of our site.

Navigate to any page on this website that you should have edit rights to and click the edit button (pencil).
Note:  If the edit button is not available at the top of the page you are trying to edit, you do not have edit rights.  If your need edit rights to this page, contact Theo, Martin or Donnie.

You are now in editing mode and may use the editing tools that appear at the top of the page to edit the content on your page.

Layout Guidelines

Font Choices
To create a consistent feel across our website, some general guidelines should be adhered to.

All fonts - Normal
Large Headings - Bold, 16-point
Small Headings - Bold, 12-point

Creating a left-side menu
If your page needs sub-pages, then you will want to create a left-side menu.  Select the "Left sidebar" layout to create space for this left-side menu.

To create the menu links, type the menu text you want in the left-side canvas area in the same way you see it on other pages of the website.  Highlight the text, then click the link button in your editing toolbar to point the text to the appropriate page.  More on creating links.

Your menu should look something like this:

Inserting Videos, Images, Google Docs, etc.
You can insert a lot of items in your webpage from the Insert menu.  Take a quick look at the options below for an idea of what is possible.

Advanced Layout

Using tables to arrange objects on your page
Sometimes you will want to arrange items on your page in a particular what that can only be achieved using tables.  For example, this page shows an example of how two youtube videos were placed side by side.

To create a table for this purpose, first select the size of the table you think you will need for your object placement.

Click in any cell to change the size of the rows or columns.

If you don't want the borders to appear when you are done editing, here is the procedure to get rid of them.

Click the HTML button in your toolbar.

Find the row amongst all of the gobbledegook that has the word "table" in it as below.  This the background text that defines where your table starts.

In that same row you found the word table in the previous step, change the border width from "1" to "0" as below.

And change the other border width in that row from "1px" to "0px" as below.

Click Update.

Take a deep breath...you did it!   :)