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Staff Wellness

Our 2019 Fall Staff Wellness Challenge was another success!!  We focused on water intake, exercise, trying something new, step challenge, etc.  It's such a fun challenge during a crazy time of year to keep staff on track!!  Our top finishers were:
Brittany Thornton
Lorna Bucher 
Emma Sunderman
CONGRATS for a job well done ladies!!!  

We finished our Fall 2018 Staff Wellness Challenge and the winners are:
Brittany Thronton
Lorna Bucher
KayLynne Sheffield
Congrats ladies!!!  And EVERYONE that participated did a wonderful job!!!!  We did a 6 week challenge that included: Hydration, Exercise, Meal Planning, Sleep and Fruits/Vegetables.  What a fun way to keep everyone on track during a crazy time of year!!!  

Our Fall Staff Wellness Challenge went from October 30th-December 17th 2017.  It focused on water intake, sleep, diet, health and wellness.  The top 3 point winners were:
Vonn Kettle
Diana Fisher 
KayLynne Sheffield 

Our Spring Staff Wellness Challenge (2018) started Monday April 9th and went for 6 weeks!!  It was great!!!  It helped with water intake, healthy habits, journaling food, exercise and activity.  The participants did AWESOME!!!  CONGRATS LADIES!!!!  The winners were:
1st: Renee Davison
2nd: Lorna Bucher
3rd: KayLynne Sheffield 

See our challenges week by week below.  
Salena Matheny,
Mar 19, 2018, 10:46 AM
Salena Matheny,
Mar 19, 2018, 10:49 AM