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Third Grade

Third grade students cover a variety of information.  There are eight units throughout the year.  Each unit focuses on one aspect of music.

Unit 1-Rhythm--Unit 1-Rhythm--Students learn to read basic rhythms with notes and rests including: paired eighth notes, quarter, half and whole notes, quarter, half and whole rests.

                        Rhythm Practice:

Unit 2-Song Creation--Students review dynamic and tempo words.  Students also recreate a song by changing the words.  The songs are performed in class and each students receives a copy to take home with them.

Unit 3-Note Reading--Students review the notes of the treble clef staff.  FACE for the spaces and Elvis' Guitar Broke Down Friday for the lines.  Students have the opportunity to practice their knowledge in a variety of methods including the use of Staff Wars, an app by Music Interactive on the iPad cart.

                        Note Identification Practice:

Unit 4-Concert--Students learn concert performance techniques and to critique themselves and others during this unit.  We prepare three songs for the Winter Concert and discuss proper concert etiquette for a performer and audience member.  Students watch the video of their performance and critique it and that of other classes.  While watching the video students demonstrate proper audience behavior, we also discuss the behavior of the audience on the video, if they followed proper concert etiquette.

Unit 5-Instrument Families--Students learn how to identify which family an instrument belongs to.  We study each of the instrument families, watch videos on how instruments are made and experience some of the instruments in person.  Students discover what makes each of the families different and how to decide where to place an instrument.  They also learn to distinguish the instrument by sound.  Grouping types of instruments and naming specific instruments based on the sound they create.

Unit 6-Form--Students will learn how to find the building blocks of a song.  Every song has some type of form.  Through this unit students learn to look at piece of music to see where the song changes and find the form.  They also learn to listen to a piece of music and hear when it changes and what to label the sections they hear.  We create our own pieces of songs and put them together in different ways to show different musical forms.

Unit 7-Melodic Direction--Students learn how to identify the direction the notes move in a melody.  We then create melodies using different sets of notes and changing the direction the melody moves.  We also continue developing the "innner ear" by identifying melodies by looking at the direction the notes move.

Unit 8-Recorders--Students learn the basic technique of recorder playing.  We use a program called JoyTunes during this unit.  This online program works much like a video game with the recorder acting as the controller.  Students play correct notes and rhythms, which earn them points and allow them to move to the next level of the program.  The students love the game aspect and I love how engaging and effective the program is at teaching recorder basics.