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Mrs. Roed

Instrumental Music and 2-5 Elementary General Music
 Why music?  
 My passion for music started at a very young age.  I wouldn't have told you I wanted to do something with music when   I grew up but one of my most vivid memories is sitting with my mother at the piano when I was very young.  There is   something about music that is unlike anything else.  It transcends time, ethnicity, culture and yet it reflects all of those   things.  Music connects you to the past, present and future.  It is the universal language, communicated in the same   way no matter what spoken language you use.  Music is everywhere, all kinds of music serves as the sound track to   our lives, often unnoticed.  Music teaches more than notes and rhythms, it develops time management,   communication, patience and perseverance.  To quote Nietzsche, "without music, life would be a mistake."

About Me
I am a Bedford Community High School graduate.  I attended Northwest Missouri State University completing a Bachelor of Science degree in Music Education.  After teaching in Missouri for a few years and completing a Master of Science in Secondary Administration degree from Northwest Missouri State University, I began teaching here in Bedford. I now live in Bedford with my husband and our two children, Gabriel and Natalie.  I love being back home and continuing to be a Bulldog!

 High School Band 8:25-9:07 High School Band
 Piano 9:10-9:52 Guitar
 Junior High Band 9:55-10:37 Junior High Band
 Prep 10:40-11:22 Prep
 Advisory 11:25-11:57 Advisory
 6th Grade Band 12:00-12:44 6th Grade Band
 Lunch 12:47-1:17 Lunch
 4/5 Elementary Music 1:20-2:02 4/5 Elementary Music
 2/3 Elementary Music 2:05-2:47 2/3 Elementary Music
 5th Grade Band 2:50-3:30 5th Grade Band

Bedford Community School Director of Bands
906 Penn
Bedford, IA 50833