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Weather WebQuest


The purpose of this web quest is to research a severe weather condition that you find interesting and would like to learn more about. This web quest will help you gain a better understanding of how, why, and where the weather condition you chose occurs.

Your task during this web quest is to choose a severe weather condition such as hurricane, tornado, thunderstorm or blizzard and research the condition. This information should be recorded on a weather report form. The form includes the following information you should research about your condition: how it occurs, why it occurs, where it occurs, and what affect it has on humans. You should also include at least one safety tip in dealing with the condition you chose. After you have completed your weather report form, you should then develop a Keynote presentation that includes 5 slides. The slides will include a title slide, how it occurs slide, where it occurs slide, why it occurs slide, and a safety tip slide.

You should follow the steps listed below in completing your web quest:
  1. You should select one of the following weather conditions to do research on: tornado, blizzard, hurricane, or thunderstorm.
  2. You should then complete the weather report form with the information you have gathered about your condition.
  3. The final step of your web quest is to create a 5 slide Keynote presentation about your weather condition. There should be a title slide with a picture of the condition, a how it occurs slide, a where it occurs slide, a why it occurs slide, and a safety tip slide. 
I have included a rubric that I will use to evaluate your Keynote presentation and weather report form. View rubric.

Weather has an impact on our lives everyday. Learning more about a particular weather condition will help you be a better weather observer and also be aware of the hazards that maybe associated with the weather condition you researched.