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Hall of Fame Constitution

Bedford Community School Hall of Fame Constitution



The Bedford Community School Hall of Fame is established to create a lasting tribute to those who have brought honor to themselves, their school, and our communities.



The purpose of the Bedford Community School Hall of Fame is threefold:

  1. To honor those Bulldogs who have accomplished extraordinary feats in extra-curricular activities;
  2. To honor those who have made great contributions to Bedford Community School activities over a period of many years;
  3. To honor those Bedford Community School graduates who have distinguished themselves in life after high school.


Selection Committee

The Bedford Community School Hall of Fame selection committee is to be comprised of the High School Principal, Athletic Director, one Board of Education member from the Bedford Community School District, a representative from the Times-Press, one Bedford Community schoostaff members appointed by the Athletic Director, one members appointed by the BCSD Athletic Booster Club, a past Hall of Fame Inductee, Fine Arts representative and an At-Large community member. All meetings are to be chaired by the Athletic Director. The Selection Committee membership will be appointed to three-year terms in a staggered manner. The Selection Committee will be appointed in the following manner:


  • Bedford Community School Principal
  • Bedford Community Athletic Director
  • Representative from The Times-Press
  • Bedford Community School District Board member
  • Bedford  Community School Staff member
  • Bedford Community Athletic Booster Club member
  • At-Large Community member
  • Past Hall of Fame Inductee
  • Fine Arts Representative