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Hall of Fame

The purpose of the Bedford Community School Hall of Fame is to honor graduates, employees, teams, individuals, and friends of the Bedford Community School for their accomplishments at and/or service to the Bedford Community School, and also to inspire our students to become the best that they can be.

Now that the Hall of Fame is in place, we are seeking your help in the process of recognizing outstanding individuals worthy of induction into the Hall of Fame.  We would like to clarify a few ideas about the Hall of Fame:

1.     It is NOT an athletic Hall of Fame.

A misconception exists that the Bedford Community School Hall of Fame is ONLY for athletes and athletics.  That is far from the truth.   This Bedford Community School Hall of Fame exists for ALL students involved in extracurricular activities at school, and all past graduates that earn distinction beyond graduation.  In the constitution for the Bedford Community School Hall of Fame the following purpose is stated:

        "The purpose of the Bedford Community School Hall of Fame is threefold:

        1.     To honor those Bulldogs who have accomplished extraordinary feats in extracurricular                     activities.

        2.     To honor those who have made great contributions to Bedford Community School over                     period of many years.

        3.     To honor those Bedford Community School graduates who have distinguished                                 themselves in life after high school.

2.     It is NOT just for Bedford Community School.

        In fact, any accomplishments during the days of Blockton, Conway, Gravity, New Market High         Schools should be considered for the Bedford Community School Hall of Fame.

To make a nomination, you may print a form, complete an online form or contact Bedford Community School at 712-523-2656.  Help us continue a new and great tradition and nominate someone to the Hall of Fame!